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I-O 5430e iSeries/zSeries Print Server
for iSeries AS/400 and z14, z13zSeries S/390 Connectivity

Seamless iSeries AS/400 & zSeries Mainframe LAN Printing

PLEASE NOTE:  The I-O Corporation 5430b, 5430e, 5431b, 5450e, 5730e and 5750e are no longer manufactured.  The replacement for these models is the iSeries/zSeries Win10 SCS Print Server Gateway.  Please click here to be taken to the Win10 SCS Print Server Gateway page.
Some models may be available on a refurbished basis.


The I-O 5430e Print Server is a single port, multi-protocol print server. It provides full-function IBM Power9, Power8, Power7, iSeries AS/400 i5 or zSeries S/390 zSeries printing over an Ethernet network, as well as printing from Windows, Unix and other IP platforms..

The I-O 5430e attaches one parallel printer directly to your Ethernet LAN, and supports multiple protocols including TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and NetBIOS. This support allows the I-O 5430e to be used with a variety of operating systems including Windows, Novell, Unix, OS/400, and OS/390. 

If you need IPDS connectivity for your laser printers and MFPs, click here to see the Win10 IPDS Print Server Gateway.

The I-O 5430e also supports one IBM printer session featuring I-O's field-proven IBM printer emulations. Combined, these unique characteristics enable users to share printer resources even when several different operating systems are in use.

If you are looking for a print server with these capabilities that can support up to 3 printers, click here for the I-O Corporation 5750e

Reliable, Full-Function AS/400 & Mainframe LAN Printing

In addition to operating as an Ethernet LAN print server, the I-O 5430e supports AS/400 - iSeries and IBM Mainframe printing over TCP/IP, SNA (APPC), and AnyNet (SNA encapsulated in TCP/IP). Using any one of these protocols, the I-O 5430e allows the LAN attached printer to offer the same reliable, full-function IBM host printing support as a direct system-attached 5250/3270 printer. These protocols also offer users one step set-up (auto-configuration) as well.

The I-O 5430e can also speed up IBM Host printing. Since the IBM EBCDIC to ASCII data conversion is done by the I-O 5430e it frees the host, or a client PC from performing this resource-intensive task. This means a faster first page out, and overall increased speed.

If you have a requirement for IPDS Laser Printing over your TCP/IP network from your iSeries AS/400 or zSeries Mainframe, click here for information on the Win10 IPDS Print Server Gaterway.

Full Print Queue Control

The 5430e offers the same reliable, full-function IBM host printing and control found with traditional direct attached Twinax/Coax printers. With the 5430e Print Server your printer is configured as a true "Device" printer and not a "Remote Out Queue Printer".  Your IBM host print jobs are not lost in the black hole of "Remote Out Queue" LAN printing. The 5430e provides bi-directional communication between the printer and the IBM host, allowing error reporting and page range printing.

Some of the print queue features you will get back are:

  • Page Range Printing - Permits users to print select page ranges from large documents and reports.

  • Forms Alignment Messages -  Get the forms alignment messages you are familiar with you need for precise alignment of your pre-printed forms, something you do not get with Remote Out Queue printing

  • Printer Error Reporting - Prevents loss of IBM Host print data by providing same level of print status reporting as a direct system attached Twinax or coax printer.

  • True IBM iSeries AS/400 and S/390 zSeries Printer Emulations - Permits full-function IBM Host printing on the attached LAN printer. 3812-01 (SCS) laser, 4214 matrix and 5224/25/56 matrix printer emulations.

  • No Host Print Transform - No need to waste valuable processor cycles on EBCIDIC to ASCII translation.  The 5450e / 5430e handles that all with it's own embedded RISC processor.

  • Simultaneous Multi-Host Printing - Maximizes printer utilization by supporting concurrent printing not only from the IBM Hosts but from Windows, UNIX, etc

Click here to download the 5430e Print Server Datasheet

Click here for more information on the 5430e Print Servers

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IBM Host Connectivity Features:

LAN (ASCII) Features:

Supported Protocols for AS/400 Printing:
- TCP/IP (TN5250e)
- SNA (5494, APPC)
- AnyNet (SNA over TCP/IP)

Supported protocols for IBM Mainframe Printing:
- TN3270e

Supported IBM Printer Emulations:
- 3812-1 (SCS)
- 4214
- 5224/25/56
- 3287

Supported Printer Drivers for EBCDIC-ASCII Conversion:
- IBM Proprinter, PPDS
- Epson ESC/P2, FX, LQ
- Generic

Supported Protocols for LAN (ASCII) printing:

Supported LAN (ASCII) Hosts:
- Windows Standard TCP/IP Printing

FLASH Memory

SNMP Compliant

Supported Ethernet Frame Types:
- IEEE 802.2, 802.3, Ethernet II, SNAP

Supported Ethernet Media:
- 10BaseT, 10Base2, 100BaseT (auto-sensing)

Printer Ports:
- 5450e MPS - 2 IEEE 1284 bi-directional
                    Centronics parallel ports
                    1 RS-232 serial port (DB9)
- 5430e MPS - 1 IEEE 1284 bi-directional
                    Centronics parallel port

100-250V (IEC) Power Supply Included

Powerful RISC Processor

Additional Features



AS/400 printing over Ethernet

Allows AS/400 print jobs to be seamlessly printed over a LAN.

Printer error reporting to the AS/400

Prevents loss of AS/400 print data by providing same level of print status reporting as a 5250 Twinax printer.

Page range printing from the AS/400

Permits users to print select page ranges from large documents and reports.

Offloading of Data Conversion

Eliminates unnecessary AS/400 or PC overhead by converting EBCDIC data directly on the I-O 5450 MPS.

3 IBM printer sessions

Supports up to three individual 5250 printer sessions for maximum printing flexibility.

True IBM printer emulations

Permits full-function AS/400 printing on the attached LAN printer.

Simultaneous, multi-host printing

Maximizes printer utilization by supporting concurrent printing not only from the AS/400 but from Novell, Windows NT, Windows 95, OS/2, UNIX, etc.

10BaseT, 10Base2, and 100BaseT

Protects print server investment when upgrading the LAN to 100 Mbps.

2 parallel and 1 serial printer ports

Allows attachment of up to three printers to the AS/400 and LAN using only one network connection.

Easy setup and configuration

Installs in minutes by avoiding complex PC software configurations.

Powerful RISC processor

Takes advantage of the LAN printer’s maximum print speed even when processing AS/400 jobs.



I-O 5430e Print Server


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