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IPDS for Ricoh Printers
IPDS & AFP Capability for Ricoh Printers, Copiers and MFPs

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A Network Appliance to Connect
Ricoh Printers, Copiers, and MFPs to
IBM iSeries AS/400s & zSeries S/390 Systems and Provide Full
IPDS Printing


The I-O Corporation 5765e IPDS/SCS Printer Gateway is a high speed Ethernet-in, Ethernet-out IPDS/SCS gateway print server designed to convert native IBM host print jobs to PCL, allowing them to be printed by Ricoh network attached Laser Printers, Copiers and MFPs. The 5765e IPDS Print Server Gateway can be initially ordered with support from 1 to 10 printers, and delivers IBM IPDS and SCS printing via TCP/IP, providing the control and printer feedback found in an IBM host environment.  When additional printer support is needed, it is simply upgraded via a new license code.



  • Connects from 1 to 10 PCL 5e (or higher) compatible Ethernet capable laser printers or MFP devices

  • Supports Advanced Function Printing (AFP) using IPDS protocol

  • Also supports standard Host printing using SCS protocol

  • High speed printing - Supports printers with up to 250 pages/minute per printer

  • Supports over 100 IPDS Fonts

  • 10 / 100 Mbps Ethernet LAN, auto sensing

  • Multiple Host support (Power9, Power8 and all iSeries AS/400, and z14, z13 and all zSeries S/390)

  • Host printing via Telnet (TN5250e and TN3270E) and TCP/IP (PPR/PPD

  • Simple, one step set-up (auto configuration) when using TN5250e or TN3270e

  • Host controlled printing, including error reporting, page range printing etc.

  • I-O's award winning IBM IPDS and SCS printer emulations

  • Increases print speeds 

  • Easy to install and use, includes I-O's Configuration Utility software

High Speed Printing

Attached to a network, the 5765e IPDS Print Server Gateway supports high-speed, high performance PCL compatible network attached printers. It supports printing up to 250 pages/min per printer. Whether printing from an IBM Power System (System i, iSeries, AS/400) or a zSeries - S/390, fast printing can be obtained with laser printers supporting port 9100. In addition to the Ethernet gateway connection, the 5765e will also support one locally attached USB printer.

Full Printing Control from IBM Host

The 5765e IPDS Print Server Gateway offers the same reliable, full-function IBM host printing and control found with traditional direct attached Twinax/Coax printers. With the 5765e, IBM host print jobs are not lost in the black hole of "Remote Out Queue" LAN printing. The 5765e provides bi-directional communication between the printer and the IBM host, allowing error reporting and page range printing.

Easy to Use

I-O's Configuration Utility software is included with every 5765e. Configuration is made easy through the use of a menu-based utility.

Click here for more information on the 5765e Print Server Gateway

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Technical Specifications

For AS/400 iSeries For S/390 zSeries Printers General
• Protocols:  TCP/IP (PPR/PPD), TN5250e

• IPDS Emulations:
  IBM 4028 AS1, 3812-2,
  3816-1D/S, Includes
  4312/17 font support

• SCS Emulations:
  IBM 3812-1, 4214, 5224,
  5225, 5256

• IPDS Towers:
  Supports all towers

• System Requirements:
  OS/400 Release 3.1 or
• Protocols:  TCP/IP

• IPDS Emulations:
  IBM 4028 AS1, 3812-2,
  3816-1D/S, Includes
  4312/17 font supports

• SCS Emulations:
  IBM 3287

• IPDS Towers:
  Supports all towers

• System Requirements
   for OS/390 or MVS:

- PSF/MVS Version 2.2.0
  with APR OW15599,
- MVS Scheduler with
  APRA 0212236,
  TCP/IP  Version 3.1 or

• Windows Printers:
  Laser & Dot Matrix
  Printers  via raw output

• Direct 9100 Port:
  Laser and Dot-Matrix
  Printers that accept Port
  9100 Communication,
  PJL unsolicited

• Print Drivers:
- IPDS - PCL5e
- SCS - PCL3, Epson,
  IBM ProPrinter, Generic

• Supports up to 10

• Ethernet Connections:

• Printer Ports:
  Supports one (1) locally
  attached printer via the
  USB Port.

• Power Supply:
  100-240 auto-switching

• Configuration:
  I-O PrintControl Utility
  requires a Windows 2000
or higher system

Plus a wide range of additional features that boost productivity and performance.

Features Benefits
High Speed Printing, up to 250 ppm Data conversion is accomplished at the 5765e IPDS Print Server Gateway and sent to the printer via the Ethernet Network. The 5765e takes advantage of high-speed, high-performance printers.
Supports up to 10 Network Attached Printers Up to ten (10) printers can be configured as IPDS and/or SCS virtual printers.
IPDS & SCS Printing IBM host printing to network attached printers. Laser Printers/Copiers/MFPs can be configured as IPDS or SCS Printers.   Dot-matrix printers are configured as SCS Printers.
Full IBM Host Control of Print Jobs The 5765e Gateway provides a bi-directional communication between the host and the printer, via port 9100 and PJL commands.
Remote Printing The printers can be attached locally or remotely via a WAN or VPN network. Printers do not need to be directly attached or physically next to the 5765e IPDS Print Server Gateway.
One USB Port One laser or dot-matrix printer (non-IPDS) can be directly attached to the 5765e IPDS Print Server Gateway for IBM host print jobs.
I-O's Award Winning Printer Emulations All IPDS and SCS functions such as True Print Complete, IPDS and SCS Duplex, Page Offset, COR, Fonts, Barcode, are fully supported by the 5765e IPDS Print Server Gateway.

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