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MT1500x Thin Client Terminal
Windows XPe (XP Embedded) Thin Client with RDP and ICA


MT1500x Compact Windows XP Embedded Thin Client for IBM Power8, Power7 and all iSeries, AS/400 and z14, z13, zSeries S390 System Connectivity

PLEASE NOTE: The MT1500 Line of Thin Client Terminals has been discontinued and is available refurbished only.  The current replacement product for the MT1500 is the AG6601H Thin Client Terminal.  Please click here to be taken to the AG6601H Thin Client Terminal page.


MT1500x - Powerful terminal includes stable, industry-standard Microsoft Windows XPe (Windows XP Embedded) operating system; Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA protocol to access Windows applications; multiple terminal emulations to access mainframe, midrange, UNIX, and other legacy applications; Internet Explorer browser to access Web-based applications

The MT1500x is a versatile member of the Computer Lab International (CLI) "NextGen" Family of Thin Client Terminals.

A model based on the CE.Net operating system (MT1500g) is available in the same compact form factor.

Featured Highlights

  • Stable, industry-standard Microsoft Windows XPe Operating System

  • Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA protocol to access Windows applications

  • Multiple terminal emulations, including IBM 5250, 3270, 3151; Wyse WY-50, WY-60;DEC V100, VT-420; to access midrange, mainframe, UNIX and other legacy applications

  • Internet Explorer browser to access Web-based applications

  • Small footprint, including VESA-compliant monitor / wall mounting system, to conserve space and ease installation and use

  • Serial and parallel printer ports, 10/100 BaseT Fast Ethernet, USB, and PS/2 ports, and audio ports to simplify network and peripheral connection and unit deployment, reducing installation time to just minutes

  • Multiple simultaneous session support to increase productivity

  • 122-Key Keyboard support for iSeries AS/400 5250 and zSeries S/390 3270 Terminal Operation with no retraining

  • Click on the image above for a larger picture of the Affirmative 122-Key Keyboard

  • No fan or other moving parts for quiet operation and high reliability

  • Locked down, sealed box design for high security and virus prevention

  • Centralized management with bundled CLI SNMP Administrator software, including remote shadowing and asset tracking

Centrally controlled, and managed by network administrators with the SNMP Administrator Management Software, the ET1500 offers increased management efficiency as well as cost effective operation all with minimum bandwidth utilization and impressive speed.

Ordering Information

The MT1500x is a discontinued model.  The replacement product is the AG6601 Thin Client Terminal. Please click on the highlighted model numbers above to be taken to these replacement products.

Click here to receive more information on the CLI MT1500 Series Thin Client Terminal

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Warranty Information:

3-Year CLI Warranty on NEW AG6601 / AG6661 / AG7000
90-Day Twin Data Warranty on MT1500 / MT2300 / MT3500 Logic Module
1-Year Warranty on 122-Key Keyboard
3-Year Warranty on LED/LCD Monitor


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