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iSeries & AS/400 to Ethernet LAN print Server

Print2LanEliminate Remote Out Queue Printing Problems With the Unique "Printers Server" for AS/400 Printing in a TCP/IP Environment 

:  Print2Lan is a discontinued product.  The direct replacement product for Print2Lan is the I-O Corporation Win10 SCS Print Server Gateway.  Please click here to be taken to the Win10 SCS Printer Gateway page.


Print2Lan solves all the printing problems associated with IBM AS/400 systems in a TCP/IP environment by supporting the TelNet TN5250E protocol. Print2Lan attaches directly to a LAN and can distribute print jobs to up to 7 LAN based Printers.

For a software version of Print2Lan that can handle up to 200 printers, click here for information on Print 2000.

Print2Lan allows the LAN Printers to be configured as "Devices" on the AS/400 with normal Out Queues.   This gives you optimal control of file spooling printer status (page range, out of paper, offline etc.).   Print2Lan provides all LAN attached Printers with the same reliable, full function AS/400 printing support as a direct Twinax-attached 5250 printer.

Print2Lan can "Drive" up to 7 LAN Printers (1 Printer can be directly attached to the onboard Parallel Port) allowing full printing control using enhanced TelNet TN5250E protocol over TCP/IP. TN5250E enables real-time reporting of Printer errors (such as paper out) and allows a LAN Printer to be configured as an AS/400 Device.

An extensive list of pre-configured Printers Driver for both Laser and Matrix printers provides for an easy set-up and configuration of Print2Lan.   Users can easily customize any of the existing Printer Drivers or create their own. Furthermore, since Print2Lan does the EBCDIC to ASCII conversion, it frees the AS/400 or the Client PC from performing this resource intensive task, allowing a faster first page out and overall increased speed.

Simple 1nstallation and configuration is done via the Print2Lan's integrated Web ServerAll configuration can be accomplished on any LAN based PC equipped with a Web browser. 

Print2Lan Application Diagram

The above picture shows a typical Print2Lan installation. In this configuration, Print2Lan handles all AS/400 print jobs, performs the EBCDIC to ASCII conversion and sends the output to the associated LAN Printer with the specified IP address. The printers can be installed anywhere on the LAN and they can either be connected to a PC or directly attached to the LAN via standard TCP/IP Print Server or built-in Ethernet adapter. 

In the above example:

PRT01 is directly attached to the Print2Lan onboard Parallel Port
PRT02 is connected to a PC in a remote location (via Router TCP/IP)
PRT03 to PRT06 are directly attached to the Ethernet LAN via standard TCP/IP Print Servers
PRT07 is directly connected to a PC's Parallel or Serial Port

More technical information is available on the Print2Lan Data Sheet.

Download the Print2Lan Data Sheet

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