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Complete Support for Twinax Terminals and Printers

Over IP Ethernet for IBM Power9, Power8, Power7 and All iSeries AS/400 Models

Why Replace When You Can Connect??  Connect Your Twinax Printers and Terminals to Your New Power10 or Power9

As you know, new IBM System i Power10 and Power9 systems do not have local Twinax Workstations Controllers.

What do you do with your current investment in Twinax printers and terminals??  In addition, IBM plans to eventually eliminate support for old SNA Twinax Remote Controllers.

To a lot of users this is a major financial concern. Their large investment in Twinax terminals and printers currently installed at their local and remote locations can add a great deal to the cost of moving to a new system.

We have the perfect solution for these users that want to keep this current investment in peripheral equipment productive.  This frees up more of the budget for things that will make a difference.  Why spend money to replace a printer that works with a new printer, or a terminal that's doing the job with a new terminal?

The eTwinax Controller is a Twinax Controller that  runs Pure IP (no SNA, ANYNET or DLSw protocols) and can extend the productive life of these assets for years to come.

This Twinax-Over-IP Controllers can simply be looked at as "External" Twinax Controllers for the Power10, Power9 or any model iSeries AS/400.

If the answer is "yes" to any of the following questions, these "External" Twinax Controllers will let you keep your existing Twinax infrastructure and eliminate your concerns.

  • Are you getting a new System i Power10, Power9, Power8, Power7 or Power6 with no internal Twinax Workstation Controllers?

  • Are you switching to a TCP/IP only environment but have an investment in Twinax Printers?

  • Are you relocating your Power System, System i, i5, iSeries or AS400 to a different location and want to avoid the cost of re-cabling?

  • Are you planning to implement High Availability (HA) or Disaster Recovery (DR) plans?

  • Are you moving your system to a new location in your current building?

  • Do you need to eliminate SNA communications to your remote locations that currently have IBM, Perle or other compatible Twinax Remote Controllers?

  • Are you eliminating remote AS/400s but still need to support Twinax CRTs and printers at the remote locations?

You can get more information by visiting the  eTwinax Controller page or by filling in the Information Request Form at the bottom of this page.

The diagrams below illustrates these Twinax Controllers fit in a local configuration as well as a remote "Cloud" configuration

Local Connection  - to provide connectivity of your local Twinax CRTs and Printers to an System i Power9, Power8, iSeries or AS/400 that does not have Twinax Workstation Controllers.  You can also use these two Twinax Controllers connected in this manner to provide full support of your Twinax Devices in a High Availability scenario.

Remote or "Cloud" Connection
 - to provide TCP/IP connectivity for the Twinax CRTs and Printers at your remote locations that are currently connected to IBM 5494/5394, Perle 594/494 or other compatible Twinax Remote Controllers.  Also for supporting locations where you currently have an iSeries that will be eliminated when you upgrade to a more powerful i5 at your host location.

The diagram below illustrates typical Local and Cloud/Remote installations.  This diagram is using Twinax cabling.  The same information applies to installations using Active Star Twinax-to-RJ45 or RJ11 Hubs and Twinax to RJ45/RJ11 Balun connectors.


Information Request Form

Twinax-Over-IP for IBM Power10 and All AS/400s


Twinax-Over-IP for Power10, iSeries and AS/400 Information Request Form

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