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Remote Controllers and 5250 Emulation Products

Please Note: The Perle  Remote Controller and 5250 Emulation products are no longer manufactured. The current solutions to connect remote Twinax Devices is the I-O Corporation Xip+ Twinax Controller.  Click here and you will be re-directed to the Xip+ Twinax Controller page.


Perle offers a complete line of 100% IBM 5494 compatible Remote Controllers with IP and built in routing capability.  For the AS/36 user there is a complete family of 5294/5394 Remote Controllers that can handle from 8 to 80 Twinax devices. 

Just as with 5494 compatible controllers, Perle is on track to take the same commanding market presence with their excellent line of Cisco compatible routers.  From the P800 Series of small office routers, to the P1700 Series of Modular Platform Routers to the P2600 Series of Central Site Routers, all offer great performance, ease of setup, and cost effectiveness.

Simple AS/400 and AS/36 dial-in is accomplished with the tried and true Perle 3i or the PC based M3PC that comes standard with four serial ports and 7 sessions.

  • 594e Remote Controller- 5494 Compatible with TCP/IP Capability.  Up to 168 Twinax Device Support.

  • 594m Remote Controller- 5494 Compatible with TCP/IP Capability. Up to 7 Twinax Device Support.

  • 594t Remote Controller- 5494 Compatible with TCP/IP Capability. Up to 8 Twinax Device Support

  • M3PC - ASCII Dial-In Expansion Board for PCs.   Support for from 4 to 20 Simultaneous Dial-In users.

  • 394e Remote Controller- 5394 Compatible with up to 80 Device Support

  • 3i - Twinax Attached ASCII Dial-In Controller.   Available in Models Ranging From 1 to 7 Ports

  • Affinity - 5250 Emulation Products.  Plug 'N Play ISA, PCI and PCMCIA Twinax Emulation Products

Please call us with any questions and for more information - 800-597-2525For detailed information on these and other products, please click here to go to the Perle home page.



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