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IBM 5394 Remote Controller
Remote Controller for Twinax Terminals & Printers

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Please Note: The IBM 5394 is a discontinued products and is
offered as
a REFURBISHED product only. The current solution to
connect remote Twinax Devices is the
I-O Corporation Xip+ Twinax Controller.
Click here and you will be re-directed to the Xip+ Twinax Controller page.

IBM 5394 Twinax Remote Controller


The IBM 5394 is a Twinax Remote Controller that will support up to 16 Twinax devices connected over an SDLC communication line or over a LAN connection using a Router capable of "Serial Tunneling" (STUN).Data Link Switching (DLSw) capable router. 

The IBM 5394 has been discontinued and is only available as a refurbished product.

It will support Twinax Display Stations and Twinax Printers (SCS and IPDS).

Please call us at 800-597-2525 or 1-908-688-8100 to discuss your application or if you have any questions.

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