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Decision Data 6560 Plus
Serial Matrix Printer

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Decision Data Model 6560Decision Data 6560 - The Heavy Duty Printer
for Twinax, Coax, Parallel

PLEASE NOTE: The 6550, 6550+, 6560 and 6590 Matrix Printers are no longer manufactured. The replacement products for the 4230  are the Tally 4347-i Series and CompuPrint 4247 Series of Matrix Printers. Please click on these two links above to be taken to these printers.

  • Fast up to 600 cps at 12cpi.
  • Dual paper handling system with auto-switching paper paths. Like two printers in one! Also has a single-path alternative.
  • Automatic interface switching between serial, parallel, and IBM interfaces (AS/400 or Mainframe).
  • Support multiple print modes.
  • Handle data efficiently. Conveniently access informati
  • Rugged, heavy-duty printing. Built for the long haul as a versatile workhorse, the 6560 is suited for the most extreme environments from dusty, exposed warehouses to back-office operations. (Click here on picture for printer specifications)

With Twinax, Coax and Centronics parallel interfaces, you can connect the Decision Data 6560 to multiple environments, conveniently accessing information when you need it. Multiple emulations are supported in these environments giving you versatility in your network. 

Supports multiple print modes

The Decision Data 6560 is the perfect printer for multi-form and dual printer applications with its multiple print modes, graphic capabilities, and wide selection of resident fonts. 

In addition, the 6560 features significantly enhanced paper handling capabilities. It is designed with four paper paths (rear, bottom, front, and top) and accepts two sets of tractors. Both snap easily into place and when used together, provide optimum paper handling flexibility. You can even load heavy stock labels and wide-carriage paper simultaneously. And, with the park feature, both kinds of stock are available at all times. 

A zero tear-off feature complements the 6560's paper handling capabilities and automatically positions the paper for perforation tear-off and previewing.

Handles data efficiently

The Decision Data 6560 can be used as either a tabletop or free-standing (pedestal) printer. Featuring quiet, 55 dBA operation and the ability to handle both Twinax and parallel data, it provides the flexibility you need to print many types of business correspondence as well as perform routine report tracking.

Simplifies operations

The unique features of the Model 6560 enhances productivity by reducing complexities of printer operations. The operator control panel makes it easy to perform the paper handling features of the Model 6560 and the 16 character status display clarifies problem identification of printer functions. With the flexibility of IBM 4214 printer emulation, the Decision Data 6560 offers a performance factor unmatched by any other printer.

Heavy-duty, proven printer technology

The rugged 6560 can be used for mission-critical jobs in the most extreme environments in manufacturing, warehouse, healthcare and retail operations. The multiple system connections include IBM, networks, PCs and workstations.




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